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You know the Silhouette machines and the lady who uses it for cake decorating?  She publishes a great paste recipe to be rolled thin like sheets of paper that you then use on the Silhouette and cut shapes out of.  The only downside is that it contains so much gelatin that it lacks stretchability (as in ruffling the edges of flower petals) but if you mixed up a batch of her paste and add it 50/50 to your regular gumpaste I think you'd love the results.
WOW, they look freshly harvested.  My cake friend from England went to that show. So jealous!!  Congratulations.
Just needs a border around the base of the cake and it would be just fine.  Seriously.  :-)
My system keeps acting up.  The white roses cake is marked with an X 700 instead of the photo and the blue one ...........well, let's say that if you changed the color it would look like a Cheetos cake and that too is popular now with teens and men.  So you win either way.  :-)
Honest opinion................your friend is just jealous.  That cake design is all the rage now.  What's wrong with her.  It's perfect.
Trust me, I've seen a lot worse.  Not bad at all.
No..............the bunny is scared stiff of bees.  Aren't we all?  :-)
Or, your fondant was too soft.
I'm gritting my teeth - trying to calm myself down because you unknowingly just insulted everyone here on Cake Central.   I'm only going to say this once then I'm bowing out of this thread...................listen to me carefully "Home bakers ARE professionals"  We've been in business or years and years and have the time storefront bakers oftentimes don't - to give extra product and services to our customers.  I hope you now understand.  I'm outta here.
We ALL started out as Home Bakers.  And have been kicking ourselves for not charging enough in the beginning because we didn't think we were good enough or deserving enough of higher prices.  So it's great that you had the guts to ask us how much to charge and if you under or over charged.  We applaud you for that.  We're very honest here but it's because we've been there, done that and REALLY want to help you out.  Your family and friends will tell you what you want to...
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