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I've also heard of people purchasing old easter baskets on discount after the holiday has passed and removing the rush handle to be used on cakes.  I tried finding rush in the craft store without luck but I know that people use it to make rush chair seats and when soaked over night, it can be bent and dried into any shape needed.
I gave up and used strips of heavy duty plastic net - the type that little old ladies in rest homes cut to shape and make tissue holders and ornaments out of by stitching designs on them.  Cut strips  - then cut the ends into a V shape (point) and bind together with ribbon wound around and around from one end to the other.  Then simply insert into the cake.
OK, thanks so much.  It's a shame because she has really nice, affordable molds.  Will have a look on Linked In.  
I purchased some foam type molds from Elegant Lace Molds and now can't find them on line.  I believe the owner is Carol Webb?  I keep getting sent to this one and that one but can't find the original Elegant Lace Molds site.  Did she go out of business or sell out to a bigger company or am I just not pressing the correct buttons.  Specifically looking for the hub cap and tire tread mold for a friend of mine.  Just made this today.
Sugarveil is a liquid.  It's spread onto a mold then left to dry over night or for at least 5 hours.  I think you can also bake it on 170 for 10 minutes to cure it quickly.  I'm sure there's a burlap mold out there somewhere - or you could easily make one yourself out of 50/50 fondant/gumpaste tinted with ivory.  DIY stores have food safe molding mediums in a two part package that sets up in under a half hour, but cost $20 so use your coupons for that store.
I agree 6 - 8 - 10 gives me 60 servings (I like larger pieces).  Then you place it on a stand - made out of Styrofoam - as in a 12" cake dummy and cover it with a one yard square of ironed fabric.  Scrunch up the fabric to look like the cake is sitting on a cloud and tuck the fabric edges in and she'll think you're a genius..........because the stand makes the cake look so much bigger.
Ok everyone, it's really not like that.  Yes real burlap is a pain, stinky, belongs in a barn and sheds like crazy, but that's NOT what you put on your cake.  You go to any DIY store and purchase a nice roll of jute ribbon - banded on both top and bottom so there's no shedding, there's absolutely NO odor - then you put a white ribbon around the base of your cake - if the icing is white or off white if the icing is off white then put your band of jute ribbon over the white...
The mat or rolling out your fondant on a lightly greased surface is the best way but I too had to get powdered sugar off in a hurry and used clear drinking alcohol I my airbrush.  Was all done in under 10 seconds.
I had the same experience, sparklers shot off all kinds of tiny black specks all over the cakes surface.  Glad to know that there's food safe ones now.
I;m just quoting what I found on their website.  Home sheetpans and restaurant sheetpans are different.
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