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What ^they said...
What really matters is what the customer thinks. Did SHE think it was a $45 cake?
You can find them online. As for the price, that would depend in the size. But I do think you overcharged a bit... Not a lot (I'd say it's more a $25-35 cake depending on size), but like I said - with more practice, your cakes could command top dollar.
I think you have potential, and the cake is very cute. It is not, however, a $45 cake. You need to put your cakes on nicer boards, and keep up the practice - you'll get there.
Photos? I googled and don't think I found what you're talking about.
I pour milk on it and eat it with a spoon. Tasty!
Deliver her a pound of buttercream.
I buy Wilton cookie cutters and decorating tips. Haven't had much luck with their other products. Personal preference. I am actually in this business because of wilton... My mom bought one of their catalogs in 1977 and I couldn't put it down.
She should donate the boxes to a food pantry. Christmas spirit and all...
I agree. Just keep in mind - You never know what you don't know.
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