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Use dum dum suckers. The sticks can go right into the cake because they are food safe.
So would you rather have someone just never respond after your first quote? Or have an opportunity to maybe do a less expensive cake and still make a profit? Seems to me like they still want YOU to do their cake but are looking for a way to get something within their budget. It's not haggling, because they aren't asking you to lower your price - they are asking what you can do within their price range. Am I missing something? That's what happens in business... As to...
What ^they said...
What really matters is what the customer thinks. Did SHE think it was a $45 cake?
You can find them online. As for the price, that would depend in the size. But I do think you overcharged a bit... Not a lot (I'd say it's more a $25-35 cake depending on size), but like I said - with more practice, your cakes could command top dollar.
I think you have potential, and the cake is very cute. It is not, however, a $45 cake. You need to put your cakes on nicer boards, and keep up the practice - you'll get there.
Photos? I googled and don't think I found what you're talking about.
I pour milk on it and eat it with a spoon. Tasty!
Deliver her a pound of buttercream.
I buy Wilton cookie cutters and decorating tips. Haven't had much luck with their other products. Personal preference. I am actually in this business because of wilton... My mom bought one of their catalogs in 1977 and I couldn't put it down.
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