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Very pretty and vibrant for sure!!! Those are nice!!! But is there any hope for the ones that I all ready bought??? I have lots of them and I have an order coming up this weekend. Any saving them and making the oily look disappear??? Or am I just outta luck? HELP!!!
I love the look of the cupcake liners/papers designs. But everytime I do cupcakes the design looks like dipped in oil and you can't see it at all. So my pretty white papers with green shamrocks look like oily green dot papers. I really want to order some different colored liners like blue or pink, but I am afraid if I spend the money on them that when I bake a cupcake in them it will just look horrible and I'll have wasted money. I sell special cupcakes and want a special...
Anybody know anything about the 2009 Wilton yearbook??? It should be out this month!!! Any pictures or ideas that are from it? Anybody know where I can find a picture of the front cover??? I'm dieing to see it!!! THANKS!!!
Can someone please give me some clear instructions on how to create these? I've hunted through the forums and keep coming up empty and the only instructions I found I didn't understand. I saw him make the three circles on the show and went "???HUH???" and now I'm dieing to learn how to make them. I completely suck at making buttercream roses so I would love to know how to make these and could apply them to fondant and tootsie rolls and starbursts too. Thanks so much! long do grocery stores let theirs sit out before someone buys them.....I saw one in a store that was made in March and the sticker said sell by July....ewe......I think three days isn't going to make much of a difference.
any other ideas???....bump???? and thank you to those who have and will reply to this post
I have the opportunity to become the dessert and pastry person at an upscale restaurant. I have an interview with them on Tuesday at 10am and they want to see my portfolio and a sample of something that isn't cake but don't care what it is as long as it isn't cake....What should I make to WOW them???? I'm so excited right now. This place is going to have the governor there in the afternoon...So something really quite good needs to make the mark on this. It has to be enough...
Okay.....I bought the refurbished 4.5 quart KitchenAid Ultra Power Plus!!!!!!!!!! There isn't a scratch dent or ding on it!!!.....The real question is what do I make???? I'M SO FREAKIN' EXCITED!!!!!!! My husband after working 50 hours this week.....felt like sleeping at 8pm last night...but he said okay and drove the half hour to get it before they closed at 9pm, carried it through the mall out to the car in the parking lot, and even let me do a little wahoo dance...
bump..cheaper KitchenAids????? where???? TIA
All right....if KitchenAid is the way to go....can anyone point me in the right diretion of finding a cheaper one at a reputable place????????? TIA
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