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As the post states, I am looking for the best gingerbread recipe that I can use to make some decorated gingerbread houses......never done them! Love the looks of them...want to experiment. :)
I went thru this in the summertime a it's happening again......there is a young lady who is doing 'business' as in NOT INSPECTED, NOT LICENSED, NOTHING from her home about 20 miles from me.....she's advertising on Facebook, taking orders, baking up a storm. UGH!!! I is enough to make me just want to scream...all people see is the $$$ of what they are's not so difficult to get going LEGALLY in NC...why do people want to do this...
This recipe sounds dd loves carrot cake, I will have to try it for her soon! :)
I worked my first Farmer's Market yesterday....I did mini bite sized cupcakes as samples, Spice Cake with Cream Cheese icing......made 150.....they went! I also sold almost everything I took with the exception of 4 very small cakes, which I did sell to neighbors the samples were a hit for me! :) The foot traffic at our FM was around 400-500 people in a 5 hour time go on that if it  helps. Good luck!
:) Why does it seem like that vanilla scratch cake is the hardest one to make?! :) Drives you
Several years ago, BCJean sent me the file containing the Cakelady's recipes...I have made a lot of, they were awesome! I was going to try the Caramel Buttercream recipe and the Pumpkin Spice Layer cake recipe for Thanksgiving at our house...but alas, my pc won't open these files for some reason. :( I have the rest of them, they seem to work fine...but can not get these 2 to open. Can anyone please share those 2 with me? I would appreciate it. 
HI, we have a brand new Farmer's Market/Store who is having their Grand Opening later this month....I have contacted them....they were happy to have a bakery on board! I have not done this at all...needing input from those who have...what sells best? I am a certified and licensed home based bakery here in NC....Their Grand Opening is the same day as the town Christmas parade, so TONS of foot traffic will be there. I don't know where to start..very overwhelmed and wanting...
:) THANK YOU AGAIN jason_kraft! I am taking notes of all this to get thoughts and ideas together! :)
cupadeecakes, the thought has crossed my mind this morning. 
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