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There is a bakery downtown in the city that is famous for their cinnamon rolls.  She started it as a cupcake shop but her cinnamon rolls quickly took over.  I know people who call ahead to make sure she's got them in stock and will drive quite a distance to get one.  I despise cinnamon rolls (I know, what's wrong with me?) but I have yet to hear anyone knock her rolls.  I'd try to find a tasty, reliable recipe for those if you can.  I've always had good luck tweaking Ree...
I LOVE the little boy on the floor off to the left with his tongue out :D  "Oh boy floor cake!!!"  The pictures are beautiful, the cake and cupcakes were beautiful too. 
It looked real to me.  I did have trouble with man or woman too so I can't poke fun at remnant ;)  I figured it out once he came around the table though.  That link leads to a lot of other real wedding cake fails that are really sad too.  This was just a demo though.  A really poorly done one.
ITA with Denetteb.  I noticed the same thing in your pictures, even the one that you have posted looks like the cake is on a single cakeboard.  You've got to have something thicker than that to hold up those heavy cakes.  I use drums myself but in a pinch when I don't have drums I'll hot glue 4 or 5 boards together then line with fancy foil and put some kind of ribbon on the outside to add a little more decoration and hide the ugly board edges. Back in the day I used...
My rep is going to hate me lol.  I've been all over him about standing firm against gun legislation and blocking the Obamacare exchanges etc.  His nephew is a sub of ours that we use on our rentals.  We know the Messenger family well.
I sell AVON and we have scammers that do this too.  It's weird.  They'll send an email asking for a bunch of the most expensive skin care and fragrance items AVON sells and then payment is always the same as the cake scams.  Seems like a waste since even though the stuff they are ordering is expensive it still pales to what they could be getting from other people.
Well isn't she a peach?  As a business owner I'd have a really hard time replying in a manner that wasn't offensive   I'd sure like to see her try to pull that cake off though.  And a rundown of how long it took her to do it....if she's really got the talent.
Like Sillywabbitz said I think it varies by region.  Around my area the bride orders it and it's decorated to reflect a hobby or interest of the groom.  I've done a few of them and they are always fun.  Come to think of it all of them have been chocolate cake too.  In my case it was just because that was the groom's favorite flavor though, not because of tradition.
Personally I’d save your cash and immerse yourself in YouTube videos and hunt down a Wilton course at a local hobby store (surely you have to have one of those around).  You could check on Wilton’s forum and ask if anyone in your area knows of someone who teaches the Wilton courses.  I don’t know that culinary school will be of much help to you.  Way back when I thought I wanted to be a cake decorator and looked into it none of them really had a focus on cake...
Reynolds makes cupcake liners now and they are wonderful.  I find them in the paper plate section of the grocery store at Wal-Mart.  You get 36 liners for $2.30.  They are the StayBrite baking cups.  I use these all the time.  They come in lots of fun designs and they never lose their color and the designs don't fade away.
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