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If it's cooked, I see no reason why it should be.
A little bit of shortening added (if you don't have paramount crystals) will work as well for thinning out your chocolate.. I use the chocolate chips quite often. I find they taste better than candy melts for the most part.
SPS, in my opinion, is the way to go. Check out the sticky on the top of this page. It explains everything you need to know.
I would be hesitant using a ribbon that has the potential to shed glitter onto my cake.
When I do a fbct, I make sure to have my tip buried in the icing as I am piping it. Don't go back and forth in rows with your icing. Kind of swirl it around, keeping that tip buried as you do. You won't get those little squiggly lines as easily. Also, after I finish my transfer, I take the same color icing I am icing the cake itself in (usually white) and spread a layer over the whole surface of the transfer, freeze for maybe an hour, then take my offset spatula and...
For the reason Texas Sugar stated, I always use 2 cake mixes in my 9 x13 pans. It rises over the top where I am able to easily level it even with the pan to make a nice tall layer. Extra scraps are always welcome in my house!
Crumbled shredded wheat biscuits?
LOL, I am SO sorry the way that was worded. Glad you could make some sense of my gibberish.
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