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i ditto RUN!!she called you to do the cake in the first place. Why after you gave them a price then did they scrutinize your ability and experience? 5 pages sounds awefully detailed. PP was right, the schematic doesnt come close to the image in their head. how many times have you worked from a sketch and it changed as the cake was decorated because the icing fell, or the color wasnt right, or it did not look right, or or or... it will never meet their expectations, it...
i am not sure which rose icing would be better. the only thought i have is complexity and time constraints. if you have time to be patient with applying bc roses as they can be delicate and need to be toothpicked if they are cascading and if the design is complex and time does not allow, then royal may be better as the roses dry hard, you can handle them and place them on the cake and not have to worry about smashing them, and you can attach them with far as...
my vote is to post the 2nd pic...i dont care for the topper either, but do agree that it makes your cake look more complete!stunning job!
i am not a color expert, nor have i ever tried it, but i am pretty sure it would come out green. could you turn your yellow cake mix into a white cake mix by omitting the egg yolks and adding an extra egg white? i would caution against adding pudding or any other flavoring to your mix as they also turn white cake mixes yellow--this i know from experience.good luck! HTH
i agree, i would use a star cookie cutter, make 2 stars, in in black and one in pink, then, I use an exacto knife to cut the star points in half. after you have your star pieces you need, then you can put the stars together how you want them alternating between black and pink.cute idea! post pics.
well, i dont do wedding tastings, but i do tester cakes for any cake i make so i tast it before the recepient. I use a large tuna fish can--empty, washed, and clean of course. I believe this is a 4in can or cake pan, however you look at it no, it does not make the cake taste fishy!
wait til your 50th and pass them off as gold napkins..LOLi have no wedding momentos only my dress and memories...I had a very small wedding in vegas and was married by yes....Elvis (a skinny one at that). trust me, not my idea for a wedding, but it was just me, DH, and his brother, wife and kids, mom and dad...I said, what the heck....congrats to all the wifes posting and reading this!!!
extra bags are always a plus...i prefer featherweight myself. I would say at least six that way you can work with 6 different colors at one time.couplers---I have 8 and use all of them either because i have that many colors in bags, or the extras are in the dishwasher.
how crumby should the spackle be? should it be half icing, half cake. mostly icing, or mostly cake?I am really liking this idea...thank you so much for your help!
cake spackle? would this be my final icing or just a crumb coat to hold things together? I am not familiar with this. Have i mentioned I am new to decorating what consistancy does the icing need to be to make spackle--medium i would guess?thanks again!
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