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I have been asked to make a wedding cake (this will be my 2nd - haven't even done my 1st yet..LOL) ... anyway, bride would like a silhouette profile of her and the groom to be placed on their cake. Obviously needs to be edible and wants it black....Any suggestions or ideas how I could achieve this? So far, she wants BC but hasn't decided for sure yet.Looking forward to hearing from anyone!Lis
Thanks to both of you!You are soooooooooo right in telling me I need to chill!!!! I think once I get this first cake done and over with, I will feel so much more confident with the next one.At first I was so pleased that the bride was allowing me to choose the design; now I'm rethinking that ideas - hahahahaThank you - some times you just need someone else to tell you to relax a bit.......Lis
I am looking for design ideas for a bride whose wedding is this Nov.She has the pillars, fountain and stairs, wants all BC and is letting the decorating up to me.I have done everything from stenciling to piping and just cannot seem to come up with a simple, yet elegant design.The groom is dressing in Nat'l Guard uniform and colors are white, navy, red. I plan on roses those colors to sit on top of each tier, but ANY ideas for decorating each tier???? I've already looked...
The cupcakes/stenciling pic is fantastic! After you take the cake out of the fridge to stencil, doesn't it start to soften up quickly? In other words, I'd have to rush getting the stencil on?
I tend to agree. They are truly both light and buttery, but I'm a "sweet tooth" lover.The bride does NOT want sweet - but then I have to ask myself - why do you want cake if you don't want sweet???? To each is own - Thank you !
Is it possible to stencil onto a Swiss or Italian BC iced cake?If so, any stenciling experts here have instructs on how to accomplish this?
Now that I have been practicing with this stencil and it 'sort of' worked.....I have a question on BC recipe.....1. Can I use the same BC recipe to stencil AND cover the tiers?2. Can any of you recommend YOUR fav BC recipes that are: a. cover the tiers with a very smooth surface b. not too sweet c. will crust well for stenciling d. and can be used for rose making Is this an unrealistic quest? ...
yes, the BC is getting under the tiny detailed holes of the stencil and looking "goopy" underneath.....the more i think about this, the more i think the white on white is also a part of the problem which is why i attempted using navy stencil on white BC....i so want to perfect this technique b/c the options are endless - you can get either a dramatic bold look or a dainty elegant look!i just want to thank all of the cake decorators on here - all of your advice, tips and...
now i'm all excited to paint - yeah!!!!!!!!thank you!!!
the pin trick is my last option - hahaha before i give up entirely!i also prefer the red as well but the bride wants to emphasize navy with red roses will be red/navy/white......thanks for the photo tip! i never knew that......lis
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