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I'm trying to figure out how I can make a German Chocolate cake in the shape of a bra for a 60th b-day.First, I need a really good German Choc recipe. My confusion comes in with the icing which has coconut. How should I decorate the 'bra' with this type of icing? Any ideas would be soooooooo greatly appreciated!Lisa
Thank you so very much! Don't you just love this site especially in times of emergency!!!!!Lisa
Another question........I just gave them a crumb coating of icing and loosely wrapped around the cake board. Should I wrap them tightly up against the icing?????thanks a bunch!
How far inadvance can I bake a cake? This is Wed and the cake has to be done and delivered by this Friday night. Is it too soon to bake it today?If I can bake today, how should I store it?Thanks so much! Need your help ASAP!!!Lisa
Thanks for the quick response - I just checked out your photos and your cakes are absolutely gorgeous! Love the Venetian Purse!!!!Lisa
I'm attaching petal dust to my fondant cake as well as other edible sparkles, but I forget what to use as the glue???? Is it the Vodka or lemon juice? But if I want to sprinkle the dust or sparkles onto the cake, how do I do that???I'm obviously having a Senior moment - at 42!!!!Thanks,Lisa
Yes, I want them to stay soft. I'm actually making a beach towel and trying to cut out strips to cover my beach ball cake.Thank so much!!!!lisa
I want to make some decorations for my cake ahead of time using MMF. 1. How far in advance can I make these?2. How should I store them until ready to use?I'm baking the cakes on Thursday for a Friday party. Planning on icing, etc. on Friday, but would like to do the decorations I'm attaching to the cake earlier......Any tips???Thanks so much,Lisa
Never knew what the "crumb" technique meant! Oh I just LOVE this site!!! I'll try it as well as using the shorter spatula - Thanks a million both of you!!!!lisa
I'm cut my cake into a shape and froze it for about 2 hours. Then I went to frost it, but the sides are so crumbly - What should I do? What is the best way to frost over the crumbs.....???ASAP help would be great!!!Lis
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