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Well as per Snopes it is true that vanilla that contains coumarin is dangerous taken in big amounts. It’s a substance that causes liver and kidney failure at high concentrations. It has been banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) It's a shame because it smells and tastes so good.
Awesome Job makes me want to try it too 
The link to the amazing chocolate WASC is no good
Your football Jersey cake is awesome!
It says How to make clog shoes out of fondant? is this a tutorial? if it is I don't see it but they're very cute
Mira a ver si esto te silve, mi spanish no es tan bueno
Ok thank you
I can't seem to find your buttercream recipe Kakeladi. Can you please send it to me
Sounds like a good recipe, pero Polvo de hornear es baking powder or baking soda? Me podras decir cual de los do es please  or    
I have also tasted his cakes n wasn't so impressed n my husband didn't like it. Now his cannoli's were good
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