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I have the KopyKake 300XK (the one with the base, not the clip on) and I love it! So far I've used it for decorating cookies. I got it from jerrysartarama (dot) com on sale for $157.00 plus had a free shipping coupon code that I got from retailmenot (dot) com, so it was a great deal. Shipping was fast also. HTH Rez
I've ordered lots of times from them. I've ordered gumpaste and royal flowers and they were very carefully packaged. I've never received anything that was broken. HTHRezzy
Here's a link to the video of her making it.
Here's a photo tutorial of the flower nail method:
I think that one is kinda cute!
I have the perfect design for that topper!!
Same here! When I closed my bakeshop, my big ole box of parchment came up to my home kitchen! And yup, just wipe down and reuse 'em!
Same here parchment all the way! Makes your sheets last longer and quick clean up too!
I was thinking the same thing (and drooling)!... Never thought of using canned milk. Great idea!
Yes, I've done it lots of times!! No problem at all. Just make sure your bc is very smooth or it will highlight imperfections.
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