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It might work but I think you will just need to apply it in excess and scrape it off.  Most crumb coats either crust at room temperature or firm up in the fridge.  Whipped cream doesn't do either.  Just apply A LOT and gently scrape off the excess.
You'd have to give the gels a try to see if they will work.  You can mix the color with alcohol.
 YES.  I just made my once a year version for a guy at work with cream cheese icing and a praline nut crust on the outside.  It's the only cake I make that gets totally demolished in under ten minutes.  I say once a year version because no one ever asks for it except for the coworker.  Everyone else just wants chocolate.
The owner of the bakery where I took cake decorating classes 15 years ago used a margarine and shortening combo for their icing.  From what I've heard, the Land O Lakes margarine is supposed to be decent.  I will probably never try it, though.   I think for some, using shortening serves a few purposes:   a) it cuts down on the cost of the recipe b) it cuts down on the "buttery" flavor of buttercream (lol) c) it can stabilize the icing so it won't melt down in summer...
What I do is add more heavy cream to the filling part and whip it on high speed for a few minutes so it's not as heavy and sweet.
For future reference, one of my most popular flavors is chocolate cake with Oreo buttercream filling.  I roughly break up the Oreos and mix them into some buttercream and put a thick layer of that in between the layers.  The chocolate cake is just plain chocolate.
The first thing that came to my mind when I saw those is that you over-beat the eggs. Also calibrate your oven to be sure it's baking at the proper temperature.
Amy Cozze left and then came back under a different name, but I haven't seen her post in a while.  You can find her on Facebook-she's in PA as well so you may reach out to her through FB and ask what happened.
I'll just say ditto to Morgan's answer.
Soft buttercream, flat scraper. Apply icing in excess and scrape off the extra. Practice makes perfect!
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