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Purchased plastic figurines are totally fine to put on cakes, because they were purchased.  People modeling them out of gumpaste and charging for them is a problem.   I am trying to understand the question...Hershey's manufactures cocoa powder for the sole purpose of people using it in their baked goods, just like Pillsbury makes flour and Land O Lakes makes butter.  The assumption is of course you're going to bake with it.      Like AZ said, you can't use the name of...
Don't add the pudding.
I agree.
You can also do them in chocolate.  Whatever you do, make SEVERAL as they will be fragile!
Sure, that's why they make them.  Try printing off different types of fonts and then putting it under a piece of waxed paper to trace over it.  You can also get a sense of space by practicing your writing on the back of a cake pan. 
Cupcake Cafe does use oil-based colors, and I think they use FBC or IMBC. Their buttercream work is beautiful. I agree with costumeczar about playing around and not making it harder than it has to be. Make some icing of different consistencies and try out a bunch of tips. This is so straightforward that I'm not sure a tutorial is going to help. It just takes practice.
I have a whole slew of tips like that and I've never used them. I have the old master tip set from like 15 years ago. I seem to go for the same old tips every time. I should experiment more!
Do you absolutely need to refrigerate them? If not, I wouldn't.
You need more fat or liquid in the recipe. I'm not sure where you live, but where I am is cold and we have the heat cranked right now so it's really dry in our house. This makes it worse.
The squiggle is a round tip 3 or 4.
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