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That is a GREAT looking cake! Ive seen alot that cost alot more that were not nearly as nice.
I saw one in a video my husband got as a joke. But it was a real wedding. They had a camo cake with ducks and fall grass iced on the sides. It actually didnt look to bad. I was trying to find it on the web but no luck so far. I will keep looking. From another Iowan
Always make sure you dont have anything strong smelling in there with them. I had a cake in the fridge once and with a wrapped onion. BIg mistake. My sons friend still wont eat anything I make. I couldnt believe it picked up the flavor. I had it wrapped well. BUT not well enough. Live and learn. I couldnt smell it but the cake could
Really really cute! I agree though the only thing i would change is to make the base board thicker,somehow. Your cake is just darling though.
Thank you Aine2! Your one of those wonderful people from around the world,thank you again for sharing
Great Tutorial. I just love your figures. Thank you so much for sharing.
My son had some complaints about his wedding cake.( I didnt make it . I did make the grooms cake.) They had thought the chocolate was dry ,I hadnt had any of that kind and she also hadnt put the top decorations on like she stated she would. .. Well to get to the point She made them a small cake instead of a refund and they still go and get cakes from her. I myself think your cake was wonderful and dryness is different to different people. Ive had people think mine were...
That turned out really nice!
[quote="kelleym"]I thought I might share how I do my tastings/contracts and it might help you in the future.At the tasting, I write down all the details I need to information, reception details, and we look through a photo album and I do a sketch of the proposed cake. They taste the cake I've brought and decide on flavors (usually they know coming in pretty much what they want). At the end, I give them a rough estimate of the price. I give them some...
Wow that is really close July 7th. It just drives you nuts. I don't think a lot of people think of all the planning and prep work that goes into a great cake. She sounds like a real procrastinator . She will probably be all stressed out for the whole wedding. Nothing will go right and it will be the cake lady's fault. Just kidding.... maybe. I think I would just refund.
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