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Has your cricut ever been updated? If it has the older version of MTC still wont work.
icingimages gold label ink cartridges do not have sponges in them.  Take the red cartridge out and give it a little squeeze over some paper towels and see if that helps.  Call Debbie, I'm sure she can solve your problem.
Did you contact Debbie at icingimages for help?  Once you put the regular ink cartridges in and print with them you wont be able to use it for edible images as it will no longer be food safe.
The one in the utube video is made by wilton and it is horrible. You will never a get a perfectly level cake with it as the blade is to flexible. I threw mine in the trash.
Check out Linda McClure's youtube videos and website and follow her intstructions to the "T". icingimages frosting sheets work very well with electronic cutters.
You're welcome!
Here's a link to their site If you buy it from Linda McClure she has a special housing and blade for cutting gumpaste. She also has utube videos on using it.
No, you can't do that with a cricut, but you can with the Silhouette.
Gold label inks from icingimages.
I think $7-$10/sheet is pretty standard for most grocery stores. Not sure what Walmart charges. It doesn't matter if it takes the whole sheet or not, you're still getting the whole sheet. Sheets cost $28 a package and ink is approx. $100 for a set of cartridges then there is the cost of the printer not to mention the time involved in setting up the image to print. I don't see that price being out of line.
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