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sorry for the delay in answering; I did not get any notifications....   you dont have to cover it but it might sweat after coming out the  fridge...
So sorry for the delay in answering, I was not notified of these posts.... you can now order it online direct from B and B!
So sorry for the delay in answering, I was not notified of these posts....  the TOTAL liquid in my recipe is 16 TBS but that can vary by products used, huumidty, etc
Ang do you put salt in your BC? If so, it is prob that. You can dissolve the salt first in liquid well before u add it to the icing, or (like me) do not add any salt :)
There are some "fake" Wedding Bouquet's out there. ie copy cats. The real one is made by B and B cake supply and can  be ordered directly from them at      As far I know, they do not put an expiration date on their bottles, so I am wondering if you got a different brand.... ?   Edited to add: I just saw you said GSA.... I don't think they carry Wedding Bouquet anymore, but it is still definitely being made.  
I am  just thrilled you guys are enjoying it; thank you!
heya!  I hopwe I can help.   Th fridge will only make it worse, and yes, the condensation is making it not  crust.  And the down side  to a crusting BC , is that it ,well, crusts, LOL   . You can't keep working on it after it is well crusted. Then you will just pull up the crust and have an airy mess under that. It's a very different animal than SMBC. If you have small holes you need to repair, the best thing is  just to paddle a tiny amount of BC over them, let that...
I am so happy you guys are enjoying  it, thank you!
Thanks Paula! Glad you like it!
Just read the cakes were stacked. It was prob pressure from the upper cake as the dowels settled a bit. It doesn't take much to make the crust shift and crack. This happens to me too sometimes. ESP if. I dowel a smudge too low.
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