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I have used one of the other Wilton molds before with no problem but it isn't as deep as the letter mold.  I  read somewhere that dusting them with cornstarch helps.  Give it a try....I hope it works for you.
I vote lemon curd or lemon buttercream!
I have a mold that has 3 rows but they are 3 different sizes pearls.   t have never seen several rows of the same size.  Sorry, hope some else can help!
Maybe 1/2 and 1/2. Fondant alone may be too soft since the petals are laying flat and not "hanging' on the side of the cake. I am not an expert though
I would use either a rose petal cutter or a round cutter (elongate one end to make it look more like a petal shape). Cut out of a piece of fondant and use a ball tool to thin out/ruffle the rounded edge of the petal. Let it dry a little so it holds its shape and then apply.
Cakechic87, I made this cake for my daughter's baby shower and I used dried cocoa powder and lightly brushed it on. It works like a charm! Dip your dry brush in the cocoa and tap off the excess so you don't overdo it. Not sure about this techique on buttercream but if it a crusting buttercream I would imagine it would work. Good luck!
PME also sells a pearl spray.  I have used it on buttercream cakes
I am making a cake for my daughter's baby shower and wanted to her cake in shades of blue. I had previously made one of these cakes in purple with no problems whatsoever but I have tried twice and both times the cakes have stuck to the pans! I usually use a doctored cake mix but I used a different kind this time. I used a white cake mix (Betty Crocker) that uses egg whites the first time and the second time I used a vanilla cake (Better Crocker) with whole eggs and...
You can by Americolor at Hobby Lobby. I also was having a difficult time trying to achieve navy over the weekend. I started with Duff Goldman's blue fondant (royal blue) and added black. It ended up being more of of a blueish green and I started to panic when I read that adding violet in addition to the black helps and it my surprise it worked! Ddailge is correct....VIOLET is the key!
I am not sure why you are having this problem but I always use the box of pudding and extra egg trick and it works beautifully, everyone loves the taste and texture.  Are you using the small box of pudding?
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