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I prefer DH. The texture is so much better that the BC.
It's early in the a.m. and I couldn't sleep so I came up and logged into CC. The first thing that caught my eye was your title on the homepage of the ugliest cake. I thought to myself "oh, the poor thing! Surely it's not that bad! We've all done a cake that we thought was terrible and it wasn't that bad at all." So I decided that I was going to be the one that would prove you wrong and I was going to be the one that would have your head swelling with pride over your cake...
I usually just apply enougn so that the fondany will stick.
Very very cute! You did an awesome job!!
I got into it by accident. My former boss( I used to have an outside job, now I'm just a kept woman!!LOL) thought it would be fun to take the class. We just did it for something to do. I ended up really enjoying it and when I quit my regular job, word got out that I did cakes (I live in a very small town) and since then, I've been doing orders from home. I would love to have my own shop, but finances won't allow that right now, so for the time being I'm happy doing my 4 or...
My hubby works the midnight shift at the prison, so since I'm a SAHM with only a 16 year old left home, I stay up all night and surf. I'm on CC off and on all night long until it's time to get son off too school and fix breakfast. I do most of my house cleaning,decorating and most everything else on during the night.
I'm gonna have to go and experiment with some different brands, the Crisco just doesn't work for me anymore!
Putty knife, turntable and VIVA!(Also need to add my Valium, for when nothing goes right!!! LOL)
Cool idea, the credit card that is! I'll have to try that! I also just recently tried Melvira's method of smooting and loved it!!
Rubber non-skid mat is what I use also!
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