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great job!
I don't know that seeing my cupcakes being sold for a lot more than I was being paid, getting to work over a hour early every day, having to make up 3 different flavors every other day, which probably leaves you with several left overs of each flavor, is worth the thrill of seeing my work for sale. Either they take all the cupcakes or I would forget about it.  Your time is worth much more than you are getting.  I would also raise my price.
I  am not sure what you need, but I would send an email to Wilton, they should be able to give you all the information you need about the fountain. Other wise check with your power company.
I made my first red velvet cake last summer, and was amazed at the fact it did not really have any real taste, it was the hit flavor at the wedding, she also had white cake, mother of bride said they should have ordered all red velvet. I could not figue it out then and still can't.  It doesn't have a flavor.
Try a damp rough textured sponge, you will get something that looks like a stucco effect, then take a fine textured sponge and gently press it against the sides of the cake and sort of smooth out the peaks.  Press don't rub, with both sponges.  hth
No matter what the serving amount is in the end, be sure you get payment for the cake at least  two weeks and a month would be better before the wedding date.   Let them know that no check, no cake, and cash the check to make sure it is good.  I have the feeling that if you do not get paid before hand, you will not get paid after the fact.  "After all you're a relative and you will understand that they can't afford to pay you right now"  Which actually means you will never...
I would love to have your recipe, I have both a daughter and a good friend, who are diabetic, and special occasions would be so much nicer if they could eat the cake also.  I would really appreciate it. .   Thanks so much.
I would really like to hear about what is happening  in Minnesota, on this, but I am not on face book, and not even this subject can get me to sign on, so is there any other way a person can find out what is happening in Minnesota?
gum paste when dry is fragile, occasionally, you might be able to shave it, but you would probably end up with a lot of breakage.  One thing you might try is to very gently file down the rough uneven areas with an emery board.  I don't know it it would work or not but you can try it. Make extra for sure.
I would be very wary of ink from a source you don't know that  does not have FDA approval.  I have not found any edible ink for an HP printer,  I have not looked for a long time, but I think if there was a HP printer that used edible ink, many people would be aware of it.  I don't think it is available at this time.
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