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I know it's frustrating!  Most people have no idea what's involved in a custom cake.  They see all these fabulous cakes on Pintrest and figure $50 should be what it cost.   I think you are handling it the best you can.  You're asking up front about their budget and letting them know in a nice way you can't make the wow!  cake with their budget.   When they ask if you can make the sheet cake and they'll buy the toys I think really the only response you can give at that...
So what if the client HAD paid $250?   While I agree the cake is totally underpriced (and that could be a whole separate thread!), it doesn't matter.  The cake the client received is not like the cake the client wanted.  Do I think it's a nice cake?  Sure.  But it has some flaws and not just the color.  I still think the client got a steal at $100 (and really $40 after the refund) but in the end the client didn't get what she wanted and the decorator is responsible.
While I agree you can't copy another cake design exactly, in this case your cake did not really come close to her pic at all.  I can see why she was upset.  You did the right thing by refunding her the money.
Sorry I am trying to understand this but I am still confused...   Did you decorate a cake,  then freeze it, then take it out of the freezer and deliver it to the venue?   Did you freeze it, take it out of the freezer and decorate 4 hours before the wedding and then deliver?  If that's the case I am trying to figure out how/why you did this unless the decoration was super simple.  Even so, that seems awfully risky.    Either way, IMO you owe them some kind of a refund...
Had you already signed paperwork for being hired prior to the trial day?  If not, then they probably consider it part of the interview process.
Are you serious??I am truly shocked that you are advising her it's okay to do this.  It's one thing to be driving in the car where you can control the temp with the air conditioning or whatever.  But the minute they turn off the car and get out for a little sightseeing jaunt the temp in the car is going to go up.  I don't care how well she packages it for travel.  She's not talking about running into McDonald's for a bathroom and lunch break.  She's saying stopping to...
I so would not be stopping at a museum for a few hours with a cake in the car!!!
Glad your problem resolved itself. I don't  let clients pick up anything over 2 tiers.  EVER.  It's not worth the risk.  I use SPS but cake muggles do not know how to drive with a tiered cake.  They just don't.  And regardless of any kind of waiver they might sign saying you aren't responsible for what happens if they transport the cake themselves, I still won't take the risk.
Go with your gut. A  reputable facility or wedding planner would not ask for a kick back.  They will refer you because your work is good.  I would tell them you are not interested.
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