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At this point you should send her an email that says "Unfortunately I am now unable to accept your cake order.  I wish you luck finding another baker that can accommodate you."    Then don't answer any more messages from her. Then raise your prices.
You may want to find another place to advertise so that you are not on the same forums and groups competing for business.
Yes.   I think it should be fine for covering the cake board.  How expired is it?
Why do you feel bad?  You've got someone booked.  You told her your policy and that's really all you can do.  I would send her an email informing her another bride has booked her wedding date so you will have to cancel her appointment.  Wish her well and if you are able maybe recommend a few other bakers.
I charge $3 per serving so I would also have charged $150. Delivery and set up would have been extra
How many people is that cake supposed to serve?
You've got a couple of options: You can send her an email that says you know how excited she is about the new baby and planning the shower.  Since there is quite a bit of time to go in the pregnancy you recommend waiting until the shower date gets closer before planning the cake.  Recommend she contact you again in 5-6 months.   You can tell her if she wants to reserve your services she needs to put down a non-refundable deposit of $75 or $100 or whatever and that you...
This is how I charge as well.
I charge the same for fake cakes as I do the real thing.  The cost of the styrofoam is almost equivalent to the cost of ingredients, particularly if you have to add in shipping.  It costs me the same amount of frosting and fondant to decorate a fake cake as it does the real thing and it takes the same amount of time.  It costs the same to deliver.  If they want a fake tier because they want the look of a big cake but don't need that many servings that's fine but it's still...
SPS works great!  As long as the hole is punched all the way thru the cake board you will be fine.  I usually use the sharp end of a flower nail to make sure the hole is completely thru the board.  I also put a little melted chocolate on the board before I put my cake on it to kind of "cement" the cake to the board.   I only use SPS, never dowels or bubble tea straws and have done up to 6 tiered cakes using it.
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