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100%, yes.
Yes, there are two layers of fondant - but only the flames have been airbrushed... I would think that if I airbrushed the flames BEFORE wrapping them around the cake the fondant would smudge/harden/crack so I think I need to airbrush it after the flames are in the cake...I just don't know how to airbrush only part of a cake... (Hope that makes more sense...) I would love to create flames similar to the ones on the above cake but I can't wrap my brain around how to only airbrush the flames but not the rest of the cake... tape it off?   TIA
Why not use a block of styrofoam?
So you are making a chocolate ganache truffle and then placing it into the cupcake and then baking it?  If so - thats the problem.  You can't bake ganache - it melts and just blends into whatever you've placed it in.
Stronger?  I'm not sure that is the right "word" for it.  I love MMF - it it sturdy, smooth, tastes yummy, etc - but I also use Fondex and/or Satin Ice (and on desperate occasion, Duff's) fondant and I feel that they all work great but that MMF has more give to it before tearing.
I think you hit the nail on the head - it is ME that is looking for a change, not her.  Just because I I love all sorts of yummy combos doesn't mean I need to make everyone else love them too.  Lol.     Don't fix what aint broke - right?  She obviously loves straight up plain jane - I'll keep making what she loves.  
I agree, my fave is a scratch raspeberry filling - just the right amount of "tart" to go along with the sweet white cake.  However, this gal ADORES white cake and wont order anything except that.  She orders frequently from me and I would love to be able to offer up some filling options just to change things up a bit.  We did Oreo Truffle filling once but they weren't digging the chocolate corrupting the white.
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