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It all depends upon the volume of batter you have as to how much flavoring it takes. Remember that too much will change the science of your recipe so it might not bake right. I'd give it a taste test with your GM whipped cream, it might come through in taste better than when tasted alone with-out the whipped cream.
You can add it to whipped cream.   First whip your cream and sugar until it's firm (close to stiff but not stiff) THAN add your liqueur and continue whipping until stiff.   You can safely add 1/2 cup to a quart of cream (maybe more but that's strong enough for me).
Do you ever watch those home buying shows where the host first shows the people the dream house they asked for and shocks them with the price for that dream....than they show them houses in their budget? That's exactly how I handle selling sweet tables. I let them tell me all the things they want than I give them a itemized quote for that. When they are shocked, I bring them down to reality with what wonderful things I can do with-in their budget. I let them pick where...
I find the most profitable way for me to sell sweet tables is a per person price. Least expensive is $5.00 per person, that only includes the food presented and cleared. Any prop's or back drops are additional. hth
I'm glad you going to try (if I can do it, you can too). Your cakes are too good not to be shown to your best advantage. :)
I couldn't agree more with Liz's recommendation! Definitely hire someone who frees up your time to do the most important things. Even if that means finding domestic help so you can devote more of your time to your business and less around your own home. Otherwise, with decorating and baking help don't forget you really do get what you pay for. If people aren't making a respectable wage working for you they'll probably not stay long. Re-training new employees requires a lot...
Give it a try. Here's mine; I'm not Rosalind Miller either and I did my own site. Your photos are an important selling tool.  If people don't like the little thumb nails they won't bother to click on the full sized image.
Just the quickest review from me. I think your format for showing your cakes doesn't do your work justice. The boxes are too small and the pink outline around the box draws my eye away from looking at your photos. Right before I looked at your site I looked at this site; and your format pales in impact. Your cakes are very good, with a little tweaking they could look great on your site.
You have 2 issues.   Air bubbles have nothing to do with humidity. It's how your beating or not beating your frosting that creates air pockets. Do a search on making frosting bubble free.   Too much moisture on the exterior of your frosting will make further applications of frosting slide around before adhering. If you blot dry your surface with a paper towel before adding more frosting that will work.
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