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Thank-you! I have a customer who likes a softer cookie. Where do you buy your white & glossy frosting? Are they fondant?
ddaigle I'd love to try your recipe when I get some free time. Have you made the nfsc recipe before.....if so, can you explain how your recipe is different that makes you happier with it? Is it softer, firmer, more flavorful, easier to work with, etc....?   Also, do you have a frosting/glaze recipe you love on your cookies?   I've been using one that was posted on another sugar cookie recipe thread here and although I love it I'd like it to be even shinier.
Silly doesn't lessen your skill level or knowledge because your a Mom too, and it doesn't lessen your degree if you bake from home or if you bake from a restaurant.   If you have a degree or certificate in baking or pastry arts, than you are a certified pastry chef.   Just as professional cake decorators here at CC choose to distinguish themselves from non-professionals....always be and act professionally. That will separate yourself from the people whom...
Thank-you ApplegumPam, you were correct about my intent in my earlier post....thanks for explaining better than I did. If you want to learn about the importance of ingredients in a baking recipe start with a recipe you've already baked and know well. Than begin experimenting with that recipe. Every time you bake that recipe change the ingredients and proportions of them and you will see how ingredients effect each other. OR if you seriously want help, there are millions of...
Ah.......your right, good point! I never thought about that because I own a lot of pans.
I quoted you because it was a terrific response worth repeating!....and I was trying to elaborate more on that.
It's not that labor intensive Jason. You only make one batter and portion it into multiple bowls adding different food coloring to each bowl of batter. The added labor is about 15 minutes and the added expense of the colors is at about $1.00.
You are asking for a scientific answer to a question with unknown variables. "Adjusting" a recipe is part trial and don't seem ready for that level of baking based on your opening question.
Why would you misrepresent your product line and confuse the people your trying advertise to? Your confusing the people you are advertising to.
I was desperate enough to rent space from a coffee shop, giving them a percentage of my profits. It was a horrible experience! They always think your making more than you are....and that your hiding something from them. Most people don't understand the lower profit margins/higher labor costs of bakeries.....and good luck trying to get them to understand that. They watch everything going through your doors and dream your profits are bigger than they really are.   In time,...
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