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Wow, I love the flower on top!!! I just can't imagine my frosting holding that shape for long..... Cakegirls have posted their recipe (on their site) for piping buttercream which is supposed to hold shapes well........but honestly I can't imagine finding the right recipe to hold the shape of that flower. If anyone has that perfect recipe....I hope they post it....please.
They make cello bags with peel off tape tabs so you don't have to heat seal and it's not sealed air tight.   Staples aren't safe!
Is your chocolate garnish going on a warm or hot molten cake? If so, it will melt........use a tuile instead.
In IL, each business has to be separately licensed too. I don't know how they deal with infractions, yet.
Darn it, sorry I can be dyslexic at times. I meant FromScratch who's from San Francisco.
I think you definitely should have posted your thoughts on that thread! I fully support people posting their thoughts about cake topics and disagreeing in threads about caking. That's what makes for a lively discussion and helps people figure out what makes the most sense to them. If you didn't post on that thread because of anything I've written on this thread I believe you've miss-understood the points I tried to make in this thread. I fully support disagreeing points of...
With-out printing out recipes and comparing MBalaska's recipe is the one you use for vanilla cake Mimi? Is it the same as FSFS?
The place I'm currently using I found when I responded to a newbies question here. When I read their blog I found out they were renting kitchen space in my very own neighborhood. The business was struggling looking for more income to decrease their expenses. They are currently for sale so I'm looking again for a new home. My focus is looking for another struggling food business. It isn't fun changing kitchens, but it's a small sacrifice that gives me a reasonable rent. AND...
For the pale color of the flower barrel I'd start by using white candy melts to make my modeling chocolate. To that I might add the smallest pinch of ivory, yellow and black (just a pin pricks amount). You can also brush the finished barrel with dusts, which I think they did in your photo.
I'm sorry Mimi, I'm not looking for a "fight" or confrontation by any means. My point which I'm not so great at making is: no matter how you do the math (how little or how much volume you produce) using a kitchen that costs $25. per hour eats every penny of profit a baker can make. It doesn't matter if you work for 40 hours per week or 4 hours a week, the kitchen rental is too high for what a baker can produce and how much we get for our product. NOW a cater can bring in 3...
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