How to Make a Fondant Husky Puppy


Skill level: Medium I used Modecor Modelling Paste for this Model but you can also use Gumpaste, Fondant + Tylose or Marzipan. Facebook page:

Fondant Veggies

VIDEO: Garden Themed Cupcake Decorations, Garden Fondant Decorations

In this video I show you how to make garden decorations for cupcakes. These are really cute and fun, and are perfect for summer cupcakes. You can subscribe to my channel for more videos on cupcake and cake decorating.

Mini Gumpaste Shoes For Cupcakes

VIDEO: Gumpaste Shoes For Cupcakes Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to create small 3cm in length gumpaste shoes to put on top of cupcakes. To download the template needed to cut out all the parts of the shoe go to the website below and click “Click here to download the template”:

Anime Inspired Fondant Figure


I am Starry Delights and I love figurine modelling. I made this little topper tutorial inspired by Studio Ghibli Kiki’s delivery service character. I love anime and used Kiki as inspiration creating my little girl. Here is a tutorial collage for the topper. Hope you like her. You can find the more detailed tutorial on […]

How To Make Fondant Ninja Turtles

VIDEO: How To Make Fondant Ninja Turtles

) This is a tutorial using a fondant and gumpaste 50/50 mix to show how I shaped and added the facial features, and accent pieces to the ninja turtle heads. I didn’t do a lot of explaining things so please if you have any questions at all leave them in the comment section down below. […]