How to Make a Pizza Cookie

VIDEO: How to Make a Pizza Cookie - Collaboration With Different Taste

A pizza for dinner from Different Taste ( and a pizza cookie for dessert from SweetAmbs! This cookie is decorated in royal icing. For more information including recipes and product recommendations, visit Product recommendations: Tips on getting the correct icing consistency for your project: Tips for making perfect cookies: Share your […]

Sugar Cookie Stars with a Surprise Center

VIDEO: 4th of July Desserts: Sugar Cookie Stars with a Surprise Center

Get the Shooting Star Cookie recipe: Watch as Better Homes and Gardens shows you how to make this 4th of July dessert: sugar cookie stars with a surprise center! Family and friends of all ages will be astounded by the hidden surprise within these cookie decorating ideas. Add blue food coloring to one slab […]

How To Make A Wood Grain Cookie

VIDEO: How To Make A Wood Grain Cookie With Royal Icing

Learn how to create the look of wood grain using royal icing! More information including product recommendations and recipes on my website: ‎ Watch more of my video tutorials here: Music courtesy of Audio Network

Brush Embroidery


How to brush embroider a cake with Royal icing. Brush embroidery makes a really impressive pattern on any cake and best of all its easy to do! Ideal for wedding cakes and gives a lovely vintage lace look to both cakes and cookies! Best of all you don’t need loads of fancy equipment to make […]

Sushi Cookie Platter


  I’m about to show you a fun and easy way for decorating amazing cutout cookies without the hassle and time involved with royal icing! First is my technique of making roll-able sugar paste frosting from any ordinary buttercream. You can use homemade buttercream or in a pinch you can also use pre-purchased prepared frostings. […]

Cross Stitch Royal Icing Cookie

VIDEO: Cross Stitch Royal Icing Cookie

Learn the secret to creating delicate cross stitch designs with royal icing for cake and cookie decorating techniques. Equipment: • # 2/0 soft artist brush • Scriber tool • Parchment paper cornet • #1 PME nozzle, 2 will be needed • Blank grid (if you are creating your own design) • Cross stitch pattern grid […]

Decorated Tufted Heart Sugar Cookie Tutorial

VIDEO: Decorated Tufted Heart Sugar Cookie Tutorial

Learn a new technique and design: How to decorate a tufted heart sugar cookie. For more information visit: Equipment: • Cookie cutters • Lace heart cutter,OP • PME #3 writing nozzle/tip • PME # 1.5 writing nozzle/tip • PME st-50, small leaf tip • #0 Artist brush • Scriber tool • Paper cornet or […]

How To Decorate Bacon and Egg Cookies

VIDEO: How To Decorate Bacon and Egg Cookies

Learn how to decorate cookies that look like bacon and eggs using royal icing! For recipes and product recommendations, visit my blog: COOKIE RECIPE in my tutorial shop: Royal icing consistencies and troubleshooting tips: Product recommendations: Baking and storage of cookies: Share your cookie creations with me! FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: […]

Top 15 Cookie Decorating Tutorials


We love decorated cookies, simple and sweet, elaborate and extravagant, or silly and cute and everything in between. We’ve assembled our favorite cookie decorating tutorials for you, you’re sure to be inspired to get into the kitchen and decorate. We recommend the No Fail Sugar Cookie (NFSC) recipe or the Raspberry version, also check out […]

Romantic CookiesTutorial


This is the English version tutorial of my Romantic Cookies decorated with royal icing and fondant appliqués. I will show how to outline and flow the cookies and attach the appliqué for a flawless finish. The video will be free just for a couple of weeks so take advantage and watch it as many times […]