How to Make Gummy Gems


I love the look of hard candy gems on cakes but the process of working with hot sugar and isomalt is always a little off putting to me.  Typically the hard candy gems are tossed to the side because they can not be eaten with the cake; and all my hard work is thrown away. So I set out […]

Airbrush Technique: Spray & Wipe Away


TIPS: My make up sponges came from the $2 shop. If you are using more than one colour, start with your lightest colour first and lightly airbrush it on, layer on more colour till you reach the intensity YOU want. When airbrushing on colour, I like to keep the colour within 1/4 – 1/2 way […]

Birch Bark Tree Tutorial


Ok, I’ve decided to post my progress pictures and descriptive steps to how to make a birch bark tree cake.  When I was looking around for how to do it when this wedding cake came up I never really got a good answer and muddled through the process.  I wanted to help anyone else out […]

How to Ice a Cake by Edna De la Cruz

2014-01-17_1407 Edna De la Cruz For more Tutorials visit my website: For DVD’s and my favorite tools visit: Join me in FB and post your work there! Read my blog: My personal page in Facebook is full but you can always subscribe to it. My fan page its a great place […]

Creating and Scribing a Pattern Onto Your Cake

VIDEO: Scribing a Pattern Onto Your Cake

Elaine MacGregor shows how easy it is to create some of the special effects which give the very best iced cakes their professional finish. This video shows a method for scribing a complex pattern onto a cake and advanced piping methods. This video was originally shared by chippi in Cake Forums › Cake Decorating › scroll work tutorials

Ombre Buttercream Ruffle Cake Tutorial

ombre buttercream ruffles

Ombre is all over the cake world right now, so much so that we devoted an entire issue of Cake Central Magazine (Volume 4, Issue 4) to the eye-catching trend! Follow this detailed tutorial from seb1079 to learn to make your own ombre buttercream ruffle cake, complete with tips and tricks for making your color brighter and […]

Gravity Defying Chocolate Cake


Gravity Defying Chocolate Cake Tutorial by Laura Loukaides -  I loved the challenge of creating my first Gravity Defying Cake. If you have the right support system you can create endless designs to make anyone speechless.   The cake I am showing you is on a much smaller scale, so you may need more fondant, […]

Top Hand Painting Tutorials


Hand painted cakes have graced the cover of Cake Central Magazine, are always a favorite in the galleries and make the most desired tutorials. We’ve shared some amazing techniques for painting on cakes and cookies by masters of the craft. Check out our best hand painting tutorials to inspire your creative sugar art. Multi-dimensional […]

Angela Vasquez’s Homemade Edible Glitter Tutorial


While preparing her OSSAS 2013 cake, Angela wanted to add sparkle while adhering to the rule of “no disco dust”.  She created a method for making her own sparkle dust, using the approved ingredients of luster dust and gumtex.  Keep reading for her simple, yet beautiful glitter dust method. Tools and Materials: 2 tablespoons Gumtex […]

Shannon Bond’s Embossed Wedding Cake Tutorial


To re-create the effect on the extended tier of my Cake Central Icing Images® cake, you will need: Sweet Accents™ Machine Icing Images Premium Icing Sheets™ Sweet Accents Garden Lattice Embossing folder Vodka Gold luster dust Small paintbrush 4mm white pearls Royal icing or piping gel The Sweet Accents Cake Decorating Machine is incredibly easy […]

Christmas Ornament Surprise Cake Tutorial

Ornament Surprise Cake

Amanda Rettke of shared this Christmas ornament surprise cake tutorial with us, and we love the endless possibilities it inspires! On her blog, she shares two ornament surprise cakes that she made— one with a Christmas color theme, and one (the pink and purple one) that morphed into a cake for her daughter! Here, we share her […]