3-D Cookie Boxes

VIDEO: How to Assemble 3-D Cookie Wedding Cake Boxes

Part of a special DIY wedding project playlist (link, below), this video shows how to take my basic 3-D cookie boxes up a level (quite literally!) by stacking them into three-tier cookie wedding cake boxes. These “cakes” can substitute for wedding cake, or be used as centerpieces or special gifts for the bridal party. The […]

Top Soccer Cakes


Congratulations to Germany, winner of the 2014 FIFA World Cup! If you’re like us, any excuse is a good excuse to make a cake, and the latest festivities have soccer on the brain. From carefully crafted fondant soccer balls to ‘fields’ of buttercream grass, these soccer-themed cakes are total winners in our book. Keep these […]

How to Make Homemade Thin Mints

VIDEO: How to Make Homemade Thin Mints!

Craving those classic Girl Scout thin mint cookies? Did someone just eat the very last one?! Good news—you can make your own in a snap! In this how-to video by YouTube user kawaiisweetworld, she shares her recipe for thin mints and demonstrates exactly how to make these crispy chocolate treats. Whether enjoyed plain or crushed […]

Hershey’s Kiss Cake

VIDEO: Hershey's Kiss Cake (how-to)

This week we are Mixing-It-Up in the kitchen with a cake in the shape of a Hershey’s Kiss. It’s the perfect cake to make for a Valentine’s day or a special birthday. LOOK DOWN BELOW for all the materials you’ll need. Need more ideas? Find more great Valentine’s Day recipes from the Tastemade Community here: […]

Alisa Seidling’s Stylish Leopard Print & Flight of Fancy Silicone Onlay™ Cake Tutorial


  TOOLS Marvelous Mold Flight of Fancy Silicon Onlay™ Marvelous Mold Leopard Silicon Onlay™ Food safe paintbrush Plastic fondant tool (I used Wilton’s #5) Offset or small spatula New sponge –  I used a sea sponge for more variation in texture Pasta machine and rolling pin Small knife or pastry cutter MATERIALS 10” cake drum […]

Gateau Saint-Honore


This is a traditional French cake named for Saint Honore, the patron saint of pastry bakers. It takes a lot of work and is very time consuming, but it is definitely well worth the effort! It isn’t a recipe that you would want to make everyday, but what a way to WOW people on a […]

How to Make a Pizza Cookie

VIDEO: How to Make a Pizza Cookie - Collaboration With Different Taste

A pizza for dinner from Different Taste (http://youtu.be/gFKPAIWqvGs) and a pizza cookie for dessert from SweetAmbs! This cookie is decorated in royal icing. For more information including recipes and product recommendations, visit https://www.sweetambs.com/tutorial/pizza-cookie-tutorial/ Product recommendations: https://www.sweetambs.com/my-favorite-decorating-products Tips on getting the correct icing consistency for your project: https://www.sweetambs.com/tutorial/royal-icing-consistencies/ Tips for making perfect cookies: https://www.sweetambs.com/uncategorized/cookies-some-general-information/ Share your […]

Best No Fail Sugar Cookie Recipes


No Fail Sugar Cookie (NFSC) is a staple recipe for many cookie decorators. The original version is awesome on it’s own as a reliable vanilla sugar cookie. As the recipe grew in popularity, flavored versions have popped up. I’ve even tried my hand at a flavor modification with great results. Below are our favorite NFSC […]