Autumn Quilt Inspiration Challenge Winner

Inspired by beautiful harvest colors and the timeless art of quilting, our Autumn Quilt Inspiration Challenge celebrates the warm coziness of home, whether that means enjoying a hot cup of apple cider or cozying up under a homemade quilt. We were stunned by all of the submissions to our contest— for the original inspiration and rules, visit the contest announcement.

The winning creation is…

Congratulations to Inspiration Challenge winner sevacha! We were impressed by this four-tiered cake that captures and expresses the beauty and coziness of fall so well, from a handmade patchwork quilt to an elegant bouquet of roses on top. Our inspiration board included several images inspired by autumn, Thanksgiving and quilting, and sevacha captured those themes so well.
We would also like to congratulate our runner up, newintown. We love the way each cookie features so many intricate details and colors that all reflect the inspiration board!

As you know, the winning entry will be included in an issue of Cake Central Magazine. Thank you to all who participated in the challenge! You can check out all of the other entries here. If you missed your chance, don’t worry. Keep your eyes on the Cake Central blog for our next challenge, which will be shared soon.

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  1. What a wonderful news! I am so happy to find out that my cake will be featured in the Cake Central Magazine! This is a great honor for me and a privilege to be among all these talented decorators!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    What an amazing way to start a cake career!
    This is definitely one of the happiest days of my life!

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